K9 Unit – Explosives / Narcotics and Patrol
This division specializes in prescreening of Civil Aviation Garco, Narcotic Institutions and Public institutions. We assist the SAPS and Military institutions on occasions when required and no K9’s available. We also specialize in K9 Handlers Training from DH1 to DH5 in K9 Explosive detection, Narcotics detection, Patrols and tracker dogs. ( Accredited)
K9 Training from Explosives detection, Narcotics, patrols and tracker dogs. 

Technical Division
This division installs electronic security equipment ranging from cameras to home and retail alarm systems.

Investigations and Intelligence Division
This division specializes in the gathering and analysis of information to assist our client’s needs and to protect our client’s interests and assets.

Risk Analysis and Threat Management Division
This division evaluates and assesses inappropriate security systems and situations. We have fully qualified people in assessment and management of threats, inappropriate pursuit, stalking situations and workplace violence.

Training Division
This division provides security related training to personnel, executives, and private individuals. The training is of the highest possible international standard, achieved by previous training of members by international companies.

Guarding Division
This division provides static guarding services for industrial, corporate, retail, construction, Security Complexes and Public institutions. Scorpion Risk Services is able to render the following uniformed Guarding security services:

  • Commercial / Estate / Residential Guarding       
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Property and Personal Protection
  • Patrol Services
  • Access Control
  • Site Supervision
  • Site Management

Investigations and intelligence division

List of services:

  • Pre-employment Background Analysis
    • Polygraphs
    • Forensic Analysis
  • Business Associates Background Analysis
  • Electronic Counter – Measure Surveys
  • Financial Investigations
  • Associates / Personnel Profile Analysis
  • Polygraph testing of personnel
  • Employee Monitoring Program

 Risk analysis & threat management division

List of services

  • Analytical Threat Assessment Surveys
  • Threat Management
  • Security / Risk Management
  • Asset Management
  • Information System Security Management
  • Formulation of a Corporate Crisis Response Committee
  • Security Centre Development
  • Surveillance and Counter – Surveillance Consulting

Technical division

This division provides support to every division assisting us to give a service-unsurpassed by any of our competitors.

We pride ourselves in keeping up with the newest and latest developments in the industry to give our clients the best and the latest product range.

Our technical teams are all trained to install from the simplest to the most complex of systems.

List of services:

  • Installation of electric Fence and Equipment
  • Installation of Camera and Recording equipment
  • Installation of Perimeter Beams
  • Maintenance of all above
  • Installation of  Electronic Security    
  • Installation of  Access Control
  • Installation of  Video Intercom System
  • Biometric system